Saint Jeronimo’s Festivity: a traditional celebration in Cusco

Saint Jeronimo is one of the saints of the traditional festivity in Cusco named Corpus Christy. Some of the Corpuss Christy saints celebrate their own festivity in different months of the year and at their own place, usually a neighborhood or a district. This is the case of Saint Jeronimo district located south of the city, 4201409291_san_jeronimo0 minutes from downtown.

Last days of september, the people of this district celebrate Patron Saint Jeronimos Festivity. They decorate the streets, prepare traditional food and practice their typical dances to pay tribute to their favorite saint.

The celebration of this festivity is in charge of the stewards or carguyoc. This tradition is performed with the prosecion of Saint Jeronimo accompanied by typical dances, music and delicious typical food like Chiri Uchu. In the night, you will enjoy beautiful fireworks, a drink made from beans and good music.

Last may, Saint Jeronimos Festivity was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation because of its symbolic and ritual wealth.


The History of Archaelogical Complex of Qorikancha

Koricancha o Qoricancha is a quechuan word that means house of the sun. The Archaelogical Complex of Qorikancha used to have the name of Inti Kancha or Sun Palace.

Acording to chronicler Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, Manco Capac and his family settledin this place. After some time theybuilt the most important temple of Inca Empire: Qorikancha and they made this place the main shrine of their god, the Sun. Another Inca, Pachacuteq, rebuilt, expanded and improved the place from year 1438.

Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, Qorikancha had walls three meters high decorated with gold. Also, in this place most objects and offeringsof gold and silver, as well as the finest fabrics remained. These itemswere eventually caught by the conquerors.

It is considered that Qorikancha was a representation of Navel of the World, in other words, the center of the world acording to andean worldview.