Santurantikuy: a unique artistic exhibition in the world

This festivity takes place every december 24th. Santurantikuy is a cultural and artistic meeting point where artists and artisans exhibit their christmas Jobs made of different artistic techniques like
Silverware, imagery, painting, etc.

The history of Santurantikuys festivity goes back to times in Cusco where many artisans coming from different locations, bring with them the Nios Manuelito. Many years later, intelectuals and artists of Cusco recover this tradition and implement Santurantikuys Festivity.


This festivity is one of the biggest in Peru in terms of folk art. Nio Manuelito is the main carcter. This esculpture is a representation of children Jesus.

Even when the main thematic is Christmas, Santurantikuys Festival also exhibits works from other sectors from local art.

View points in Cusco, great places to take a picture

In Cusco city you can find neighborhoods with beautiful view points, ideal places for every visitor who loves large views of a city. One of this view points is located in Cristo Blanco, 5 km away from Cusco in Pukamoqo hill (Red Hill). It is considered as the best view point of Cusco because of its panoramic view of town. You can observe 23 temples located in all around the city.


Another important view point in Cusco is San Blas. Recently, this place was refurbished. In San Blas view point youll find a large park with pools and benches where you can sit and admire the beauty of Cusco from an ideal altitud. The sunsets are the best experience here.


Then, we recommend you San Cristobal view point, located in the neighborhood of the same name, across its temple. This large place made of Stone has a very beautiful view of the city. You can observe mainsquare of Cusco from very close and during the night, you will appreciate the Cusco starry sky.