Cusco’s Main Square, one of the principal spots of history and modernity

Majestic Main Square of Cusco has an important history from pre-hispanic times. During Tahuantinsuyo, it was named as Wakaypata, quechuan word that means instead of the wailing. The other half of the old main square used to be named as Kusipata that means instead of rejoicing, as opposition to the first name.


In andean times, Wakaypata was the place for big religious and social ceremonies, while Kusipata was the site for revelry and party after the ceremonies.

On the other hand, Cuscos Main Square was place for important historical events as the execution of Tupac Amaru I in 1572, Tupac Amaru II and his family in 1781 and patriots Jose, Vicente y Mariano Angulo, who led the rebellion against the Spanish government.

Today, Main Square is the central core of modern Cusco. In the sorroundings you can find touristic restaurants, jewelry stores and colonial churches. Also, Cuscos Main Square is site for typical celebrations as Santuranticuy (December 24th), Inti Raymi (June 24th), Corpus Christi (May or June), etc.

Finally, Main Square is the perfect meeting spot for people of all ages, nationalities, genders, etc.

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