Todos los Santos: a traditional festival of Cusco you can not miss

Every november, Cusco celebrate the festivity of Todos los Santos. In the Peruvian Andes, the concept of “death” is conceived as the continuation of life in “another life”. The story goes that atnoon on the first day of November the dead return from the beyond to visit their earthly relatives and enjoy with them the altar of mealsoffered. The deceased must return to their otherworldly before noonon November 2.


November 1st, people in Peru, especially in Cusco, celebrate the day of living, while november 2nd, they pay homage to their relatives who are dead. This day, people visit cementeries where they lead flowers, food, drinks and music to their deceased.

During this days, people in Cusco eat the traditional Lechon, a dish made of roast piglet baked, and tamales. Also, is very common producing Tanta Wawas, baby breads, irresistible for kids. You can enjoy food fairs in different squares and avenues of the city, where youll find desserts and pastries typical of Cusco.


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